Introduction: The daisy isn’t a very demanding plant, it pleases us with its beautiful flowers from April till November (sometimes even earlier or lateródepending on the weather). It used to be called woundwort and it contains a whole range of medicinal substances that can be of use, especially now in spring.

How it helps: It improves liver metabolism (cleansing effect), treats the gall bladder, respiratory ailments, and even skin diseases including lupus and impetigo.

How to use: You can drink it, use it in the bath or spread it on your skin as a tincture. Gargling might help rid you of neck pain, laryngitis, and gingivitis.
Preparing daisy syrupómix together about a 1 litre bottle full of daisies with 2 litres water and 1.5 kg castor (fine) sugar, and boil until it is thick. Then pour into jars and turn upside down. This syrup will last for at least one year.

Cooking: Daisy can be used in salads or as a food decoration of (ideally vegetable) meals. The flowers taste great in soups, too.