Disease Comes from Emotions: What Psychosomatic Illnesses Can Teach Us

It has been proven that most psychosomatic issues stem from self-loathing. We should keep in mind that we can always help ourselves by looking into our soul. A great many of us are afraid of that, but do be aware of the fact that our souls are the only place where everything is complete. We are the creators of our lives, and what happens around us is only a projection of our own thoughts and what kind of relationship we have with ourselves. If one loves themselves and is happy about their life, negative thinking can be eradicated.

Do you have thyroid, abdominal or tooth problems? It is said that once we find the spiritual cause of an illness, diseases can miraculously disappear in a flash. Illness always makes us think about our life so far, or to alter various things in it and to reorder our priorities. It is no coincidence that more and more people are becoming interested in psychosomatic illnesses these days. This article will explain what some causes of various diseases may be and how you can help yourself.

It is said that once we find the spiritual cause of a disease, we are miraculously cured. All that is needed is to stop and think what kind of problem our body is signaling. That is where the mystery of psychosomatic disease lies: the body and soul are inseparable. Long ago, the Atlantean healers knew that problems with the legs are associated with material issues, while problems from the hips to the heart signal mental problems, and trouble from the heart to the head reflect the suffering of the soul – we are being shown that we are not following our heart but straying away from it.

What each organ says and how we can help ourselves

The heart is about emotions, self-worth, and the constant chase after material objects and forgetting about ourselves. That is why it is necessary to stop sometimes, to enjoy a moment for ourselves, to stop constantly thinking about the needs of others. If you feel a pain in the heart, remember that the best medication is tears, because they are remedial and flush away all that burdens and saddens us.

The stomach teaches us to tell people what we feel and to be strong in expressing our emotions, because it is precisely through leaving everything to ourselves that leads to the notorious pressure and pain in the abdominal area, where all grievances, fears and unexpressed emotions reside. So, it is important to keep venting, never to stop.

Gallbladder issues come from repressed anger and fear of the future. However, they also come from emotional pains; the result of hiding our emotions from others, afraid of telling them what troubles us. That is why it is important not to be afraid and to let our emotions out.

It is a very important perceptive capability and it ranks, of course, among the main human senses. When we have problems with it, it signalizes that we should listen to our intuition and stop listening to others’ advice, because that is what damages us the most. So, spend less time listening to others, and point your ears towards your soul. Only there can you find the calm that you seek and need so much.

Teeth issues teach us that we should only deal with problems related to ourselves, not with those of others. Remember that you are here only for yourself; you are not responsible for anyone. You will quickly see how relieved you will feel.

The thyroid and problems associated with it are related to responsibility to the self, to being true to one’s emotions. It is important to learn to feel and perceive your emotions and to do things by intuition, not force it by will. So stop telling yourself you have to do something because you don’t have to do anything, only to be with yourself, to feel, and act accordingly.

Cold Sores
Sores on the lips are results of an inner unease that is related with repressed anger or a sense of shame after having been manipulated into some situation. Cold sores tell us that our body is experiencing a total stress-related collapse and that we are going against ourselves.

Muscles are about working hard and motivation, and about our faith in ourselves and especially the importance of following our own path – it is useless to listen to what others have to say. Muscle pains are connected with a fear of moving forward, breaking through, and accepting new things. Sore muscles are also linked with motivation and especially show us that we are doing something we don’t want to be doing at all.

Digestive issues may be associated with our emotional state. They often happen in people who suppress their sadness. It is crucial to focus on what is appropriate for us and what brings us joy. Let go of the things that cause you suffering.

Gases in the intestines are a manifestation of an excessive fixation on something that brings no joy. If this is the case, the cause may be fear and inner insecurities. Remember: everything is exactly the way it is meant to be.

If you subconsciously reproach yourself for living for others more than for yourself, you may feel in a state of inner unbalance, which can manifest in the form of psoriasis. The illness appears on various parts of the body. If you’re stuck in one place, incapable of moving in a new direction, psoriasis affects the elbows. If it manifests on the scalp, it may be the result of a feeling of alienation from your family. Psoriasis often appears on the legs as result of feeling guilty after leaving a person you should be with. Face psoriasis is a symptom similar to acne, and that is because it comes from feeling unaccepted by others.

Tennis Elbow
If you suffer of a tennis elbow, it is most likely the result of not having enough living space. It may be also associated with the fear of change that fate brings you. Listen primarily to yourself, don’t overexert your capacities, and learn to fight for your space.

Varicose veins symbolize a stagnant lifestyle and loss of joy of life. Ask yourself: what are you holding on to so hard? Where did the joy of life disappear? Are you on a road that you want to be taking? It is important to ask yourself these questions and to move forward from where you are standing, enjoy life to the fullest and on your own terms.

If you suffer of guilt from a past personal failure or a low self-esteem, then you know why you suffer from rheumatism. In order to get rid of it, you have to leave the past in the past and to accept yourself, including your mistakes.

The Small of the Back
If you suffer from pains in this area, it is a result of overburdening. Learn to understand what your responsibility is and what the things are that only serve to encumber you and that you needn’t carry.

The Back of the Neck
Pain in this zone tells you that you should slow down. It is easy to start thinking you can do everything at the same time, and then you realize you can’t choose what is more important. Learn to switch off. Learn to take life with perspective and to live with complete lightness.

Osteoporosis mainly affects women after menopause. It is often associated with a lack of inner strength, which then leads to a growing sense of inadequacy. If the woman manages to find again the mental powers and ways of enhancing her self-esteem, she can prevent this thinning of the bones.

Our arms are about our creativity. When you are being creative you are alone, working on yourself. Your hands are for yourself, not for others, and that is important to realize. Learn to enjoy live as much as possible and to value everything in it.

Shoulders are about the burdens that take away joy and peace. Learn to judge and prioritize situations, and don’t take problems of others on yourself. Don’t take over their responsibilities and don’t meddle in things that do not concern you. You will quickly notice that if you let it all just go with the flow, you will feel freer and you will become more successful in life.

They are about having the right direction in life. About accepting change with generosity and courage. Legs also speak about our strength – if we have it, we can go wherever we like. The most important thing is that they mirror how stable we are in life and how much we can rely on ourselves.

Knee pain symbolizes the importance of change in life. It shows that there is no need to fear letting go of things that slow one down in life, and that it is better to go with the flow. The knees show the importance of trust in life. Everything that happens is for a reason.

The spine is about our attitude to life and ourselves. It represents the inner balance of reason and feeling. Remember to walk upright, not bent forward, and not to cower before others. Hold on to your worth and be humble towards life.

This organ signalizes the importance of finding emotional balance. Learn to be with yourself; you need not be constantly convincing others about anything. “No” is an answer as well and it is not worth it to waste any more energy explaining it.

High Blood Pressure
High blood pressure is about getting angry about seemingly important things that are in reality trivial in the larger context. There are actually only a few truly important things in life. Let things happen of their own accord and solve only what really is important.

Low Blood Pressure
It is about being lax in life, about having to set life’s energies in motion. Be more proactive and face problems head-on, don’t run away and express your emotions, loudly if you need to, and that even includes proper cursing every now and then. It is important not to feel guilty, because you always act according to your emotions, and your emotions are always right.

This organ and the problems with it are linked with our femininity and relation with ourselves. It is important to believe in yourself and to accept your value as a woman in life. Try to do small good things every day and take care of yourself while enjoying life. Learn to see the uterus as a gift with which you can bring new life into the world.

Lungs and their problems are about the limits you set yourself in life, and as such prevent you from taking a deep breath. However, all it takes is to be more spontaneous, to say how you really feel without any concern or fear of what others will think.

Swellings are associated with a sense of being bound in life, whether it be by a person or a situation. Swellings of the legs are also linked with an inner fear of letting others down, and swellings of the arms are associated with a sense of you limiting yourself, as the body is trying to “take up” more space for itself.

Dry Cough
A dry cough is about expressing emotions that you feel deep down and keep there for fear of saying them, which is suffocating. It is usually associated with not being comfortable with a situation. We often cough spontaneously in some scenario, thus subconsciously expressing our discontentment with it. It is crucial to listen to your emotions and to say what you feel. Don’t hide them away and be open in communication.

Wet Cough
A wet cough usually expresses a criticism of a family or work environment. It symbolizes the need to take a breath, to stop limiting oneself and to start being spontaneous in life. It is about not thinking about every sentence that you want to say – just say it; be open and sincere.

These organs are about relationships, how we experience them and how we feel in them. If we suffer from kidney disease, it can help to clarify which relationships are important to us, and which we no longer wish to continue with. Obsessing over relationships that no longer give us anything is a futile endeavor; we only hurt ourselves. It is good to be alone sometimes, to clear your head and the things floating inside, as that is the most beneficial activity for the soul and kidneys.

Ovary problems signal to you that you resolve emotions through sexuality and overthink them. It is about obsessing about having a partner, fearing he will cheat on you and leave you because you are not good enough. The only way out of this vicious cycle is to start loving yourself the way you are, by taking good care of yourself with diligence, and avoiding fixating on love from other people and your partner.

The liver is about general joy and appetite for life. If the soul suffers, so does the liver. It is important to be happy and grateful for what you have in life. Live every day, value what you have and don’t desire what you don’t. Live life to the fullest and don’t stress over small issues.

The breasts are a symbol of femininity, and stand for maternal care and feminine energy. Breast problems reflect the relationship to your body and signalize that you are suppressing your personality and femininity. As such, start paying more attention to yourself, start liking yourself for you are, and appreciate the beautiful gift of being a woman.

On a spiritual level, hernias are about failing to deal with some inner pressure that manifests itself in life. It symbolizes that you need to escape something, to get rid of the burden you are carrying. Cleanse yourself of all the burdens you carry within you mind, and keep only the nice memories. Take good care of yourself, and do only those things that fulfill you.

It symbolizes an unfulfilled desire to live your own life, to start doing different activities or to start living on a completely different level. It can also sometimes stem from feeling sad and lonely.

If something is wrong with this organ, the body is saying we need to start bringing what we love into our life. That means that we have to follow our dreams no matter what others say, because only we know what we want and what our dreams and desires are. It is crucial to care only for yourself, not others.

Sore Throat
This problem tells us that we are repeating a certain pattern of behavior and limiting ourselves from having a different perspective. It is unhealthy to be this hardheaded and reluctant to look inside. Live in the present moment and generously let go of things that encumber you. Look to the future.

Vaginal Mycoses
Mycoses are often associated with a feeling of loneliness and lack of love. Another possible reason may be that the woman is too focused on pleasing the man during sex and neglecting her own pleasure.

If you suffer from subdermal cysts, it shows you don’t have the necessary emotional support, touch or compliment from somebody else. If you find a cyst growing on your thyroid, it symbolizes a sense of powerlessness from being incapable of standing up for yourself. An ovarian cyst points to being too remorseful, or a lack of personal development on the creative side.

Eyes are a window into the soul and reflect our attitude to life. If we have eye problems, it points to a discrepancy between what we wish to see and what we really see. As such, it is advisable to look into the soul and to try to expand our consciousness.

The soles of our feet represent our growth and direction in life. Sole problems point to the fact we are standing in one place, unsure of where we should go. Listen to your inner voice and try to follow it. Do everything as you feel it and don’t fear making decisions.

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