My Herbs, the one and only magazine for your health and happiness. Every issue includes great advice from the wonderful world of herbs and nature to help you make the most of each season. The magazine is for anyone interested in alternative cooking, growing herbs at home, traditional or complementary medicine, and natural healing methods. In short, it is for anyone who wants to live in harmony with the planet.

My Herbs is a quarterly magazine. New issues come out on the 15th of January, April, July and October, following a seasonal theme. Our online store offers all currently available subscription plans and issues.

Our Mission:

We want to help you learn about food, healthy lifestyles, and how to improve your habits. Our team of herbalists, doctors and experts works hard to create the perfect magazine to help you find more wholesome ways of living. With herbs, with respect for nature, and a sustainable relationship with Mother Earth.

Every Issue Features:

– Educational articles on herbs and their beneficial properties.
– Tasty (and simple!) whole-food recipes.
– DIY projects for your beauty and health.
– Proven weight-loss tips and tricks – natural means only!
– Exclusive series on supplements, plant-based diets and cannabis.

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