• How to grow a big and healthy lovage

    How to grow a big and healthy lovage

    In the past, lovage was widely cultivated and much more popular than it is today. And yet, with its intense aroma, it makes for a great ingredient in a wide variety of dishes, and is also a powerful healing herb thanks to its diuretic properties and ability to aid digestion. Lovage is a striking, sturdy plant that grows up to 6½ feet / 2 meters tall. Its scent is similar to that of celery or parsley, but far more intense. In some European cultures, it’s popularly known as American celery or green Maggi (after the Swiss, umami-tasting seasoning called “Maggi”), which says a lot about…

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  • Five herbs that alleviate gout symptoms

    Five herbs that alleviate gout symptoms

    If you have acute inflammation caused by gout, you need to go to the doctor, who will treat it with pharmaceutical drugs. Putting ice on the inflamed area is also helpful, along with using certain herbs which for centuries have been a proven remedy to mitigate the effects of chronic gout. And which herbs are they? 1) Common Nettle(Urtica dioica)The common nettle, a well-known panacea among herbalists, helps with gout, too. Look for its leaves and stems–ideally those of young plants of up to 8 in. / 20 cm–and try to dry them quickly so that they retain their green color. If…

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  • Herbs That Can Do Both Good and Harm to Children

    Herbs That Can Do Both Good and Harm to Children

    Every mom wants the best for her child, and herbs can really contribute toward good health. Which ones should we have at home and which are best avoided? Using herbs on children has similarly strict rules to using medication. Herbs should be always used in moderate amounts and in exactly defined doses, and one should always carefully study all the possible effects and allergies associated before using them for the first time. Use herbs one at a time at first to easily identify the possible negative reactions and their cause. Keep in mind that in more serious states and illnesses…

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