Summer Issue Out Soon

Dear fellow herbalist,

My Herbs issue #24 is being printed in May 2023. You will receive it to your mailbox soon after it is printed. If you have not subscribed yet you can do so now: SUBSCRIBE

Summer is a busy season for us herbalists and gardeners, and yet also a season of well-deserved rewards.

Everything in our garden is budding, blooming and growing, and we don’t know where to begin. But in the end, after a job well done, we can enjoy the sight of a sunny, well-tended garden bursting with color. That’s the moment when we feel that all our effort was worth it.

In this issue of My Herbs, we share a number of tips on growing herbs with you. We’ll be talking in detail about lovage, which you’ll learn all you need to know about growing on page 30. Or, if you feel like visiting the great outdoors for your herbs, head straight to page 44 to learn all the essential rules for picking remedial herbs in nature. Along with tips on picking and growing herbs, we’ll also share with you lots of great culinary and medicinal recipes, as well as knowledge about healthcare, both physical and mental.

My Herbs is here for you. On behalf of the entire editorial team, I wish you a wonderful summer full of joy, sunshine and good cheer.

Ales Vodicka, editor.

Next issue comes out on August 1, 2023

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