Why are you ill? Kidneys and the urinary tract.

The kidneys and the urinary tract (made up of the urinary bladder and urethra) help eliminate waste and redundant liquids from the body. Kidneys, as a paired organ, symbolize the relationships in your life, and problems with them show you that there may be something wrong with your relationships, be it with a significant other or your closest circle.

Every day, the kidneys filter about 45 gallons / 180 liters of blood, creating about ½ gallon / 2 liters of urine, which leaves the body through the urinary tract. The liquid, once cleansed of waste compounds, returns back to the bloodstream. The kidneys are very diligent – use them as an example in your life and think about what you want to keep and what to get rid of.

It is always a good thing to be in a positive and optimistic frame of mind, and to see the positives in other people and in what happens around you. This approach pays off. On the contrary, if you view everything around you with suspicion and fear, it will diminish your mood and general mental state, along with the state of your kidneys and their functioning.

What the kidneys really dislike is the cold. If you catch a cold, there is a risk of serious problems, with high chances of kidney or urinary bladder inflammation. Looking at the idea of the cold from a spiritual point of view, it signifies a coldness and disinterest in intimate relationships, reservedness, and disagreeability. The opposite of a cold is love, which is an expression of warmth and openness – it warms not only the soul but also the kidneys, which then work well and without issue.

Consuming spicy foods isn’t ideal for the kidneys either – you can find a parallel in sharp communication, which too can harm a person. Both the soul and the kidneys simply work best when you have harmonic relationships with your loved ones.


Protein – it should not be found in healthy blood; sometimes, it can appear after extreme bodily exertion. If it is found to be lingering, it may be a sign that the patient is in a negative mood and has little interest in their health and bodily regeneration – that is because their body is eliminating its very own building blocks.

Bilirubin – its presence colors urine brown and means that something is wrong with the liver or gallbladder. It could be liver or gallbladder inflammation, or bilirubin hyperproduction. On the spiritual level, these issues express that the patient is stressed or unhappy with their family or job situation, and they cannot resolve these through positive communication or negotiations. They react in an irritated or even spiteful manner, which can even lead to kidney damage.
Sugar – a higher sugar volume in the urine signifies the risk or the presence of diabetes. Spiritually, this illness typically signalizes distress, a failure to appreciate the beauty and sweetness of life, and is associated with feelings of distrust, uncertainty and chaos. This may lead to compensatory behaviors such as eating sweet foods, which in the mind represent love, compliments, and embraces, so one increases their blood sugar levels.

Acidic urine (aciduria – pH below 5.4) appears when consuming too much animal protein – meat. If this condition presents itself along with the presence of ketones, such as acetone, it may be a symptom of diabetes and you should consult your doctor.

In the past, there was a view that a person takes on the characteristics of the main component of their diet (we are what we eat). This leads to the thought that by eating high amounts of meat, one takes on animal characteristics, behaving like a predator – being selfish and primarily focusing on catching prey and achieving personal success.

With a balanced diet that doesn’t contain too much meat, your behavior will change, you will be more empathetic and gentle, and will be more considerate of others (including animals, which you would have otherwise eaten).

Leukocytes – if urine contains a higher volume of white blood cells, it signalizes inflammation of the kidneys and urinary tract. It can be the result of unexpected, surprising and difficult life complications – other people’s behavior, external pressure, unpleasant tasks, and so on. When you lack the strength to face this pressure, this inner conflict will lead to inflammation.

Blood – from a spiritual point of view, blood in the urine represents great sorrow, as it reflects you are crying inside and thus bleeding. It may be the result of your behavior, of being mean and hurtful to others, as this leads to kidney or urinary tract damage through kidney or urinary stones.


Kidney problems are typically first uncovered during a urine analysis, which detects materials that shouldn’t be there, or shifted optimal ratios. This indicates that the person is dealing with certain issues in life, such as experiencing pain or inner conflict. If any abnormalities are discovered, further examinations are necessary, and the doctor will decide whether the situation ought to be resolved with medication.
Nonetheless it is always important to think about your behavior, conduct and mental state, as the roots of the issues may well be hidden there – the doctor cannot help with these. Only you can influence them through a healthy lifestyle, a positive outlook on life, using remedial herbs, exercising, massages and so on. Medications typically treat the consequences and symptoms of an illness, but fixing what lies inside is a task only for you.

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