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Do We Need Protein?

The structure of protein is similar to that of a house, in that it is composed of various building materials. The most important part of the protein structure consists of amino acids that are necessary for the human body.

Vitamin Alphabet: Vitamin A

Vitamins and minerals are essential for us humans. Let us create a detailed database of them in order to know what can help us in case we fall ill and from what sources we can replace our bodies’ deficiencies.

The Scents of Summer

Summer is in full swing. We’re making the most of the sun, going on vacation, taking a rest, going to the woods, and spending more and more of our free time outdoors. Let’s make this time even more pleasant with aromatherapy.…

The Globe Artychoke (Cynara scolymus)

This bittersweet-tasting plant from the Asteraceae family has a multitude of healing abilities. It regenerates the liver, acts against flatulence and has strong detoxifying effects. It also has its unmistakeable place in the culinary domain – on the most opulent…

How June Affects Organs in the Human Body

June – Small Intestine In June we must be very careful about looking after the small intestine and its mucosa. When the small intestine is not working correctly, we can expect bladder problems, stomach pain, flatulence or diarrhea. Drinking fruit juices with young barley…