The Scents of Summer

Summer is in full swing. We’re making the most of the sun, going on vacation, taking a rest, going to the woods, and spending more and more of our free time outdoors. Let’s make this time even more pleasant with aromatherapy. Scents are not only for pleasure but also relieve various ailments we may encounter in summer.

In hot summers, you can use herbal distillates (also called floral water), which are formed as a by-product in the production of essential oils. The result of the steam-distillation process is an ethereal (essential) oil and also floral water, which contains the water-soluble substances. Floral water spray, for example, is used to refresh the skin, or internally – instance, a few drops of peppermint or rose hydrolat (floral water) in a glass of drinking water can be quite refreshing.

Swelling of Hands and Feet
If have trouble with swollen hands or feet, try a cooling bath. Of essential oils, rosemary and juniper are excellent (3–4 drops for a small bath). Remember that during the preparation of the bath, essential oils must first be mixed with suitable carrier oils (base oils) – for example, honey, cream, and salt from the Dead Sea. Pour the essential and carrier oils into the cool bath. You can also include diuretic foods in your diet such as melon or cucumber. Boiled potatoes also help, and if you have lovage (Levisticum officinal) at your disposal, then boil it with the potatoes.

Bee Stings
If you happen to meet with a bee in the wrong place and time and it deems itself entitled to take defensive measures, you’ll most likely end up with a sting, which needs to be carefully pulled out. Ideally, do not hold it at the end, which contains a poison capsule, but rather scrape it out. shutterstock_133920596Then treat the affected area with three drops of chamomile blue, letting it drip onto a vinegar poultice and letting it work for as long as necessary.

Moving on, in summer, mosquitoes and black fly stings can be treated by:
– Mixing 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with 3 drops of thyme and rubbing the affected area.

Wasp Stings
– Mix 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, 2 drops of lavender, 2 drops of chamomile blue. Mix together and rub the affected area or prepare a cool poultice.


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