Wholesome Wine

Wholesome Wine

At last we have found the elixir of health and longevity! Because of its antioxidant content, wine has considerable preventative qualities with regards to cardiovascular diseases, reduction of harmful LDL cholesterol in the blood, and prevention of ischemic cardiac disease. As a precaution, it suffices to drink one glass a day.

It is not a revolutionary breakthrough. The positive effects of wine on the human body were very well researched by ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Long ago, it became known that wine helps with colds and generally strengthens the immune system, all while protecting against cancer. It wards off bad moods, gloom, and depression. It helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease, improves one’s sex life, and helps fight diabetes.
Wine may even prevent heart attacks, protect blood vessels, and prevent hardening of the arteries. It is suitable for various diets, because wine facilitates the digestion of fat. In addition, drinking wine will help one age more slowly, similar to eating grapes or consuming them in a delicious drink. Wine also reduces risks associated from smoking cigarettes. Therefore, smokers should eat fresh grapes or drink a glass of wine as part of their daily routine.

Healing Properties

Consumption of wine helps to tackle many health complications and even works as prevention. But wine also has external body uses. We are talking about pure, squeezed juice with grapes, which helps soothe pain when a wound is inflicted. It also heals, disinfects, and stops bleeding. The juice from grapes is successful in fever reduction as well as the treatment of hemorrhoids. Dried grapes (raisins) are an excellent remedy for treating constipation. But be careful — here it is important to choose raisins which are unsweetened and non-sulphate.

Under the Microscope

Wine contains approximately 600 components that affect human senses. In additionto the vine, co-products from alcohol fermentation the have positive effects on the human body. Their content and variety is determined by soil conditions and selected manufacturing technology. In wine, there are additional beneficial ingredients, especially phenols. The majority of them have strong antioxidant properties, and some also have antitumor effects.


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