White Henbane: A Natural Asthma Remedy

The white henbane was used by beer brewers and witches in the past.

Which of its many benefits are useful to us today?

The white henbane is a known poisonous plant, but when used in small amounts, it can heal many ailments. Interestingly, it may also induce slight feelings of floating, which is why our ancestors used to add it to beer to give it a bit more bite.

The white henbane (Hyoscyamus albus) belongs to the family of nightshades (Solanaceae). In nature, it grows most commonly in two variants – the white henbane and the black henbane.

In Cyprus, Crete, Egypt and the Middle East, there’s also the gold henbane and the Egyptian henbane, which is often grown for  harmaceutical purposes because of its high alkaloid content.


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