Which Herbs Should You Store Dried at Home?

There are several herbs that are simply a must-have. Their effects can help us in everyday life and may solve some of our health issues.

So which are the best ones?


When you’re sick, let coneflower help you. It has strong antiviral and antibacterial effects and can speed up the course of treatment for upper respiratory tract issues, viral infections, tonsillitis or flu.


Would you believe that drinking a tea made from this herb is a great way to treat your cough? Nettle also lowers blood sugar and improves digestion. It is used to treat gout and atherosclerosis and is antiseptic and antiviral.


Get rid of insect bites once and for all – use sage and make your summer trips more comfortable. It has a remedial effect on insect bites, heals wounds and even treats fungal infections of the feet.


Are you anxious or restless? Do you suffer from insomnia? Get yourself some lemon balm and make a tea from it. Only a few sips will calm you down so that you can rest properly!

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