Walnut liqueur

How to: Add 2-3 cloves to green walnuts, along with a pinch of cinnamon, a small amount of vanilla, and the clean peel from half of an orange that was not chemically treated.

Add cooled syrup made of 0.5 kilograms/17.6 ounces of sugar dissolved in0.25 liters / 8.5 fluid ounces of water into decanted brandy.

And how to make “walnut brandy”?

How to: Cut 20 green walnuts into quarters and put them in a bottle with a wide neck. Pour 1 liter/ 34 fluid ounces of quality brandy into the bottle so it covers the walnuts. Seal the bottle well and place it on a well-lit spot, such as the windowsill, as it requires light and heat. After two weeks, decant into bottles. Use a spoonful a day (according to need).

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