Valerian Tincture

• 1 part (e.g. 1/2 c.) dried valerian root
• 2 parts (e.g. 1 c.) Vodka or other spirit 100 proof or more
• Put ingredients into a sealable container and shake.
• Cover and put in dark area for 3-5 weeks
• Agitate the mixture by shaking about once every week to 10 days.
• After curing, strain out the valerian root through a piece of cheesecloth, coffee filter or any other tightly woven mesh material. Store in a dark place between uses.

Drinking valerian root is not the only way to realize its benefits. The leaves are edible and can be part of any recipe that calls for loose-leaf greens. It can be mixed with other greens, or
you can toss in some cut up vegetables, cooked meats or anything else that you like in a salad.

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