The summer issue of My Herbs magazine is out

After paying our dues during spring’s rainy season, we now eagerly welcome summer’s bountiful harvests and long, sunny days. In this issue, we seek to show you new and innovative ways to utilize nature’s offerings so that you can maximize on this season’s joys. Come July, we begin to see the fruits of our labor in the garden. Whether it’s fresh and crisp vegetables, juicy berries and fruit, or flavorful and healing herbs, we’re graced with nature’s offerings. But how can we incorporate it all into our diet in delectable, yet healthy ways?

Our light summer recipes are the ideal solution and perfect for backyard cookouts with friends or family (page 68). Maintaining gardens can become difficult with the invasion of pesky insects and creatures, however, there’s no need to reach for chemical laden substances. Herbal methods offer the same relief without unwelcomed side effects. Ridding your garden of slugs and other potentially harmful insects can be done naturally (page 90). And if mosquitos plague your summer nights, or you find yourself or your family dealing with typical seasonal bites and bruises from adventures outdoors, turn to herbs that offer effective and natural relief (page 46). Whether through trying new recipes for refreshing ice pops (page 28) or utilizing aromatherapy for warm summer days (page 54), we hope this issue offers you new tips and tricks that allow you to seize this season by living in harmony with nature.

Wishing you all the best,

Kelsey Quinn & the whole My Herbs family

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