The ‘Other’ Parts of the Banana Plant (Musa)

The ‘Other’ Parts of the Banana Plant (Musa)

Bananas are fairly familiar fruits to most of us. We eat them quite often, since they can be bought in practically every grocery store, and they rank among the most frequently sold fruits in general.

But have you ever tried banana leaves or banana flowers?


Banana leaves have widespread culinary, cosmetic and massage applications. In southern India, they are used as food plates, and in Indonesia and Sri Lanka, they are used for wrapping meat before grilling, because they don’t burn.


There are both male and female flowers in the banana plant. While female flowers turn into fruits (bananas) after pollination, male flowers are used in the kitchen as vegetables.

In many places over the world you can get a banana leaf massage or a cosmetic banana procedure. The possibilities of this fruit are extraor- dinary!


Banana leaves are large, long and ribbed. They can grow up to 2 feet 7 inches or 80 centimeters wide up to several meters in length.


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