The Healing Effects of Oregano and Marjoram

Both marjoram and oregano are very basic seasonings that we can find in practically every household. Nevertheless, these aromatic herbs have a much wider range of applications. You can find them in herbal teas or bath mixtures. Not only do their smell and taste caress the soul and chase away bad spirits, but they come in just as handy in times of digestive troubles.

Oregano stimulates digestion and has a great calming effect.

Marjoram is for those who love strong aromas.

Oregano is not only a great seasoning for giving a boost to digestion, it is also suitable for the preparation of herbal teas for a good mood or fighting against colds.


Cooks would have a very hard time without these plants. The strong aroma and spicy flavor make them very handy as food seasoning. Also, since both herbs are used to support digestion – thanks to their ability to stimulate both stomach and bowel functioning – they are perfect for meals that are typically harder to digest.
If you ever happen to feel nauseous, prepare yourself a cup of marjoram tea, and add some seeds of dill and milk thistle.
When suffering from colds, oregano honey or tea will come in handy. Oregano is often added to herbal mixtures aimed at calming the nerves or the digestive system, or fighting against the common cold.

For the preparation of a 34 Fl. oz. / 1 l. kettle you will need 2 tablespoons of a herbal tea made from the following:

1 Tbsp. of blooming marjoram tops
1 Tbsp. of blooming goat’s rue tops
1 Tbsp. of fennel fruits
1 Tbsp. of basil leaves
1 Tbsp. of leafy lady’s mantle tops
½ Tbsp. of dill seeds
1 Tbsp. of nettle leaves

The main effective compounds in oregano are essential oils, bittering agents and tannins.

For the preparation of a 34 Fl. oz. / 1l. kettle you will need two tablespoonfuls of herbal mixture consisting of:

1 Tbsp. of blooming oregano tops
1 Tbsp. of lemon balm leaves
1 Tbsp. of blooming thymes tops
1 Tbsp. of blooming St. John’s wort tops

St. John’s wort is an important part of this herbal mixture, but one of its side effects is that it interferes with medication. So, if you are taking pills, it is best to either avoid this mixture or to prepare it without the wort – it will still work great to improve your mood in times of work-related stress or just general exhaustion from the daily bustle of life.

2 parts blooming oregano tops
1 part blooming marjoram tops
1 part blooming thyme tops
1 part basil
1 part leafy satureja tops
1 part leafy hyssop tops

Mix all the parts in a mortar and crush them into a soft substance. The seasoning is best stored in a sealable jar, as it will help the mix keep its strong aroma. Since the substance has a strong smell, add it to meals with various types of meat with moderation.

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