The Book of Mind Body and Herbs

The Book of Mind Body and Herbs
A Special Issue of My Herbs Magazine

– A book on the fascinating relationship between the body and the mind, and the eternal quest to quell everyday pain.
– Ease your pain by controlling your mind.
– Find answers within yourself; not in pills
– A happy childhood leads to happiness in adulthood.
– Herbs for peace of mind and body – return to your roots.

Discover the combined wisdom of a psychologist, a physiotherapist, and an herbalist that will make your everyday path to happiness brighter.

You can get the book in Whole Foods Market, Sam’s Club, Barnes & Noble and other book stores too.

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Dear readers,

There was a time when I didn’t look forward to Mondays. I would already be in a bad mood on Sunday, and the idea of a Monday office meeting would fill me with dread. It was hard getting out of bed on Monday morning, but reminding myself that I was doing it for my loved ones always got me to the office in the end. For several years I survived like this, knowing that even though I had a good job, I wasn’t actually doing what I wanted to do. And so, I was bound to run into health problems sooner or later.

Today, things are different, thankfully. How did I manage to escape the rat race and yet still manage to pay the bills? What was the hardest thing to do?

Without a doubt, it was finding out what it was that I actually wanted. You may have thousands of ideas in your head but if you don’t stop and find your inner peace, you’ll hardly realize any of it. It is similar to when a Native American goes to sit by the edge of the river for a week – the villagers know that he’s thinking or talking to his god or his “virtual guru”. Or when a Tibetan monk isolates himself in a dark cave without light and food for several days: those are two examples of ways to organize your thoughts. You’d struggle to manage such a thing in between two meetings or while on a business trip.

You too can find your own unique path to happiness and your reason for being. Find your place of calmness, and go and stay there without having to rush and, ideally, without any kind of a time limit. Finding it easier than you might think.

As soon as I’d discovered my goal, I pursued it even despite great fear and warnings from my surroundings that this would not end well. But it was my own way.

I believe that this Special Issue of My Herbs and the combined wisdom of a psychologist, a physiotherapist, and an herbalist contained within will help you in making your everyday path to happiness brighter.

Ales Vodicka
A magazine publisher for 10 years

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