Roseroot: A Natural Protection from Stress

Whenever we have trouble dealing with the stress of everyday life, we do our best to overcome it to the best of our abilities.

We attend yoga lessons, we use magnesium and other food supplements, and every evening we switch off the computer in the hope that we will sleep as naturally as possible.

We go to great lengths to dampen the inappropriate reactions our bodies produce in stressful situations, but we’re not always successful. If we could achieve a Buddhist-like state of spiritual balance, for us the roseroot (Rhodiola rosea) would be just another plant without any significant medicinal effects.

When we’re under stress, our brain releases the hormone cortisol, which increases blood sugar levels to help us cope with it.

If the stress continues in the long-term, the cortisol receptors in the brain lose their sensitivity and start producing an excessive amount of the hormone, which leads to numerous problems, such as sleep disorders, weakened thyroid gland function, insulin resistance, and a lack of the sexual hormones progesterone and testosterone.


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