Plant Substances: Vegetable Oils

Plant Substances: Vegetable Oils

It is common knowledge that vegetable oils are an essential staple of a healthy diet.

But what actually makes them healthy? What other kinds of oil are there besides olive oil and what do we use them for? This handy little guide will answer all these questions and more.

People tend not to know much about oils despite consuming them every day. Few people can even be bothered to read the text on the bottle to find out how the oil was processed, even though it’s actually the factor that most affects the oil’s quality.

For those who are after the highest quality oils, look for cold pressed oils. Cold pressed oils have the best flavor, aroma and nutritional value because they are ex- tracted using minimal heat – the seeds are not preheated before crushing and the crushing itself doesn’t produce enough heat to damage the oil. The yield is smaller than with hot-pressing, but the quality is better.

Let’s now have a look at some of the better or lesser known oils, their prop- erties and uses.


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