Osteoporosis: Fragile Bones

My Herbs in poppyOsteoporosis: Fragile Bones

High calcium content can be found in poppy, sesame seeds, hazelnuts and walnuts, and almonds. From herbs: angelica, arnica, lady’s mantle, comfrey, valerian, calendula, thyme, milk thistle, wormwood, rosehips, willow herb or centaury.

The causes of so-called primary osteoporosis are not fully understood, but it is usually associated with genetics, age, and menopause; however, bone thinning currently occurs in up to fifteen percent of the population aged 25. Under secondary osteoporosis, we see increased leaching of calcium caused by bad habits, especially diet, medicine (particularly  corticosteroids), and certain diseases.

The human body works in a complex interplay of individual organs and their physiological and chemical processes. If we want to affect our overall health, we must consider the system as a whole and not take the individual elements out of context. Caring for the individual organs must therefore be systematic and longterm. For stable health, we also need plenty of sleep, joy and interests in life and, especially, good interpersonal and romantic relationships.

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My Herbs in poppy

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