Oregano Seasoning

Not only do oregano‘s smell and taste caress the soul and chase away bad spirits, but they come in just as handy in times of digestive troubles. Oregano stimulates digestion and has a great calming effect, so try this seasoning mix that is suitable for all types of meat!


  • 2 parts blooming oregano tops
  • 1 part blooming marjoram tops • 1 part blooming thyme tops
  • 1 part basil
  • 1 part leafy Satureja tops
  • 1 part leafy hyssop tops

Mix all the parts in a mortar and crush them into a soft substance. The seasoning is best stored in a sealable jar, as it will help the mix keep its strong aroma. Since the substance has a strong smell, add it to meals with various types of meat with moderation.

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