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Dear My Herbs readers,

Sometimes the demands of life can seem overwhelming. With tight deadlines for projects at work, social commitments with family and friends, and self-care sometimes squeezed in, there never seems to be enough time in the day to do it all.

The stress can quickly compound. It’s not only the mind that suffers; the body does as well. The links between chronic stress and disease have been a subject of interest for the medical community for decades, with claims of negative impacts on hormones and inflammation in the body.

In this issue, we offer you relief from life’s modern stressors through reconnection with the natural world. We highlight herbs that can remedy the effects of tension and anxiety, as well as methods for preventing burnout and promoting relaxation (10).

If your physical body has been weakened by your heightened state of stress, we suggest a multitude of helpful herbs, particularly the cornelian cherry. It works wonders for the distressed immune system, especially as the seasons change and coughs and colds seem to be the norm. Consult this issue’s Herbal Cookbook (64) to find unique ways to integrate more herbs into your diet to reap the natural benefits of this bountiful time of year.

Spring is the season of renewal and love. In our Horoscopes Full of Love (92), we offer you personalized ways to invigorate new life and energy into your relationships, complete with herbal insight and recommendations.

We hope this issue offers you moments of healing relief from everyday stresses and that the abundant fresh herbs of spring bring you soothing relaxation this season.

Wishing you all the best,

Kelsey Quinn

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