New Issue of My Herbs Magazine Is on Its Way to You

New Issue of My Herbs Magazine Is on Its Way to You

What’s on your summer fun list this year? Maybe it’s working in the garden, camping with family, biking down the coast, or testing a new herbal recipe. Whatever you’re looking foward to, carefree summer days communing with nature undoubtedly relax and restore us.

What Is in the New Issue

This edition of My Herbs is jam-packed with tips and tricks to enhance your summer fun by living in tune with nature’s abundance. If you’ve lost track of time and neglected to plant seedlings for a summer garden, we have you covered. Check out 15 fresh herbs to start growing today (page 26). Though growing and using herbs in recipes may seem daunting at first, this basic guide details exactly what to plant, when to harvest, and how to use your herbs in easy, everyday cooking.

And just in time! No summer is complete without backyard barbecues. Sample some of our innovative marinades (page 72) that use refreshing, yet flavorful herbs for a new twist on old favorites. Serve up the grilled goods beside our floral salad with immune boosting nasturtium flowers (page 50). Or whip up some quick and easy wild strawberry jam (page 55) and spoon over ice cream or a homemade cobbler.

Although summer is a time to soak up the sun’s energy and vitamin D, it’s important that we take precautions. Follow our summer skin care guide (page 13) to create natural face peels, hydrating body mists and moisturizing hair spritzes that’ll keep you glowing from head to toe all season long. We even have a special D.I.Y. protective lip balm. And don’t forget the natural insect repellant for when the sun sets (page 78).

Here at My Herbs, we’re overjoyed to offer you our favorite household recipes, natural skin-care solutions and time-tested remedies for today’s conditions. We hope you’ll find these suggestions useful and integrate them into your life to live in alignment with nature this season.

Wishing you all the best this summer,
Kelsey Quinn and the My Herbs team.

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