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Dear My Herbs readers,

As we enter yet another new year, we reflect on our growth, examine our past and present, and ruminate on our future. Time seems to fly by quicker and quicker with each year. With the pace of modern life, it’s difficult to keep up. Taking time to synthesize the past with the present often falls to the wayside, though here, meaningful lessons can be gleaned.

Keeping with our mission to bring you the desirable knowledge and necessary tools to live in harmony with nature, this issue focuses on age-old methods capable of healing our modern woes.

Within these pages you’ll find ancient herbal remedies for common 21st century ailments. We elaborate on roseroot’s ability to offer soothing relief from stress (47), and fish oil’s role in preventing and treating depression (50). If winter colds linger, consider South African geranium as a natural cough remedy (60).

In the past few years, matcha tea has transcended its traditional Japanese ceremonial uses to grow in both accessibility and popularity among the masses (68). We bring you unique recipes to integrate the leaves’ powerful antioxidants into irresistible treats.

We hope that these tried and true natural methods of healing are of use to you, your family and your friends, both today, and tomorrow.

Wishing you all the best on behalf of the whole My Herbs family,
Kelsey Quinn

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