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Dear readers,

Autumn is upon us once again. The days are growing shorter and darkness falls sooner. It’s been quite a year. Looking back, we’ve witnessed a time of political unrest, almost daily reports of violence and migrants seeking settlement. It’s been an unsettling time, but now more than ever, we’re reminded of light.

This season is a time of unbounded generosity, compassion and peace. Whether it’s a hearty holiday celebration, or an ordinary dinner with the family, we have good-for-the-soul recipes that capitalize on all of fall’s abundance. From mashed potatoes with millet and kale (page 59) to buttery, crunchy apple-oat pie (a personal favorite) (page 62), there’s something to bring everyone to the table, vegans and gluten-free included.

Along with colder, shorter days sometimes comes a slump in our mood. Often times light can help kickstart those feelings of warmth and positivity. It seems the recent growth of Himalayan salt lamps are doing just that. But are they just pretty decor? Find out (page 94) how they purify the environment around us and induce a state of serenity. Discover which color is best for the vibe you’re seeking to inspire and bask in the glow all winter long.

We take a look at child nutrition (page 35) and how a targeted approach can promote growth and excellence through all stages of development. Adequate nutrition sets a strong foundation for cognitive function and emotional development. Nourishing children so that they may grow up strong, capable and confident is an investment in our future and our world.

We hope this issue serves to guide you toward light, balance and renewal in all aspects of your life this season.

Wishing you an abundant fall and the most joyful holiday season,
Kelsey Quinn & the My Herbs team


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