Natural Repellents

Summer and warm weather usually go hand in hand with lots of annoying insects. We can repel them using aromatherapy.

Try this recipe for this insect-repelling basic synergic mixture: 4 parts thyme, 4 parts lavender, 8 parts lemongrass and 4 parts peppermint ethereal oils. If any of the oils smell unpleasant to you, you can substitute it with rosemary or geranium oil, for example.

This mixture can be used in various ways. It can be put into an aroma lamp in the bedroom during the day – it will keep any unwanted insects away and, in the evening, you can close the window to prevent any of them from coming back in. We don’t recommend aromatizing the bedroom before going to bed as strong aromas can disrupt sleep.

We can also add 20 drops of this mixture into a spray bottle with 50 milliliters of alcohol. This spray can be used on fabric materials: on clothes when going to the woods, on paper towels hung out on the balcony, or on curtains to prevent insects from flying into the room. If you drip 15 drops of the synergic mixture into 1 tablespoon worth of vegetable oil, you’ll get an oily repellent that can be applied directly onto the skin.

Lavender ethereal oil can not only repel insects, but can also be used as first aid. If and when you eventually get bitten by a mosquito, you can apply the oil to the sting and it will alleviate the itching. In case of any minor surface wounds, the lavender oil can help too – apply it undiluted to a scraped knee, for example, and it will disinfect the wound without any pain and speed up the healing process. And just as with a wounded knee, it can soothe the psyche as well.

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