Nashi Cleanses the Kidneys and Helps Weight Loss

The Asian pear tastes very similar to the one we have and is a very healthy fruit. It can help us lose weight, and it cleanses the body and renews intestinal microflora. Even better, it can be found in grocery stores almost all year round!
For instance, try it in this delicious combination with goat cheese and walnuts:

2 nashi pears
3.5 oz. / 100 g fresh goat cheese
2 oz. / 50 g sour cream spread
1 spoonful of honey
A handful of walnuts
1.7 fl oz. / ½ dcl Porto wine
3 spoonfuls of butter

Wash the nashi pears, halve them, and remove the cores with a spoon. We will be filling the newly formed holes with cheese, so feel free to make them deep. Put the butter in a pan and cook the pear halves on it until their edges start goldening. Remove the pears and cook the
nuts on the same frying pan. Do so for about five minutes and then add the Porto wine. Mix the goat cheese with the spread and honey, and fill the cooled nashi pear halves. Sprinkle the nuts on top and then pour the wine reduction over it.

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