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10 Herbs for Slimming
Read up on how to drop a few extra pounds and keep them off. Find out why you should avoid light foods and increase your intake of certain herbs that will aid you in controlling your weight. Learn more about the amazing foods that burn off extra fat. Use our effortless recipes to slim down.

24 Cholesterol, the New Boogeyman
Reduce the level of cholesterol by changing your diet and exercising for health

28 Six My Herbs Ideas
Keep your body and mind in mind – six My Herbs suggestions on how to tackle common, seemingly physical health issues

30 Cleanse Your Body of Heavy Metals
They are everywhere, so it is no wonder they enter our bodies with understandably negative effects on our health. Find out what natural remedies can keep your body clean and what metals we need to stay healthy

34 Hemp, a Universal Helper and Medicine
Have you ever heard of phytocannabinoids? Discover the magical powers of these chemical compounds in the third part of our series on the still controversial plant

38 Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae)
How does a glistening horse boost our immunity?Read about the preventative, therapeutic and beautifying effects of Sea Buckthorn.

42 My Herbs Calendar
We undertake regular trips into nature to recognize herbs which can be found at each different time of the year. We reveal which organs of the body are most active in these months and how best to nurse them.

46 Ridding Yourself of Psoriasis
A serious skin malady – how to treat it alternatively.

50 Vitamin Alphabet – B
In this issue we take a look at water-soluble B vitamins that play important roles in cell metabolism and are simply essential for our life.

52 Natural Mineral Sources
We take a close look at sodium, a necessary but sometimes dangerous mineral.

54 Life Giving Water
Nothing in the world can replace water. Water is the element most essential to life on Earth. Learn about water and its properties, how it operates in our bodies and why it is so important to drink.

58 My Herbs Series of Articles on Psychosomatic Health The Body’s Immunity.

62 Recipes
Try an herbal regimen, cleanse your body, and lose weight following our quick-and-easy recipes.

70 The Fruit That Tastes Like Chocolate
Chicle is truly the only fruit in the world that can boast natural chocolate beneath its skin. You couldn’t have asked for anything better. It is healthy and almost calorie-free!

72 A Traditional Guide to Nontraditional Flours
With glutens or gluten-free, which flour is the best, and for what?

76 Focus on Women: Anti-Acne Herbs
Fight acne with herbs.

78 Focus on Men: The Proper Diet for Tough Guys
Useful tips for men on how to keep up their physical strength.

82 Herbs for Our Soul
In our stressful era, it is necessary to brighten our spirits. Which herbs can help?

84 Saying Goodbye to Chronic Fatigue
There is no universal cure for fatigue, so it is necessary to identify and treat it. Here is a detailed guide.

86 Wholesome Wine
Wine contains many valuable compounds: flavonoids, antioxidants, and vitamins. We take a look at a drop of wine, literally under the microscope, to see exactly what it is composed of. And as a bonus, we include many wine recipes to address health problems.

90 Teas According to the Chinese Horoscope
Brew tea according to your sign of the Chinese zodiac.


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