My Herbs 6 Contents

10 Herbs to Warm You Up
Cold weather has returned, so we’re brining you tips on how to stay warm with nature’s help.

18 Herbal Alphabet: Dyer’s Madder
Before synthetic dyes were invented, this herb – a natural red dye – was unmatched in terms of quality. Learn more about it in the latest part of our Herbal Alphabet series.

22 Diabetes
A detailed article on one of the most urgent public health issues of our time reviews current research and how we can prevent and treat the condition naturally.

30 Gardening with the Sun and Moon in Mind
Have you ever thought of how astrology and herbalism can go together? Discover the systems of ancient herbalists and learn how to organize your own garden according to them.

34 Food for the Child’s Brain
Find out which foods are ideal for your child’s mental, physical and emotional development.

40 Homemade Essential Oil Products
Take a look at these recipes for essential oil-based remedies that you can make easily at home.

42 Fiber
Why do our bodies need fiber, and where should we be getting it from? Find out in this article.

44 Cannabis: A Universal Helper and Medicine
In the latest part of our series on perhaps the most controversial plant of today, examine hemp seeds, their use and health benefits.

48 September: Waving Goodbye to Summer
Even though it’s fall already, nature still offers us many medicinal plants to choose from.

52 Catnip
This plant can do a lot more than sedate a cat. Find out more about its medicinal uses in this article.
56 Organic Recipes for Fall
Try out these delicious recipes that are sure to keep you healthy and strong throughout fall.

64 (Un)known Plants
In this part of the series, introduce you to the lesser known parts of the banana plant – its leaves and flowers.

66 A Handy Guide to Vegetable Oils
Although we consume them daily, we tend to know quite little about them. This guide will tell you all you need to know about vegetable oils.

68 Bamboo: An Industrial Miracle
In the construction, paper and textile industries, bamboo is booming right now. Learn more about this fascinating plant here.
72 A Window into Healthy Cuisine
In part III of the series, we focus on nuts and seeds.

74 Millet: The Ancient Grain
One of the oldest crops grown by mankind, millet is still a great ingredient to add to recipes today.

76 Beans: Why We Should Eat Them
Beans can prolong our lifespan! And that’s just one of the reasons why we shouldn’t neglect them.

78 Focused on Women: How to Stay Fit During Menopause
In this part of the series, we offer lifestyle tips for women on how to stay fit both physically and mentally during menopause.

84 Focused on Men: Getting Rid of Dandruff
Here we offer tips on how to get rid of one of the most common hair problems for men in a natural way.

86 Delicacies to Warm You Up in November
Sure to be favorite recipes that will warm you up all winter long.

88 A Spicy Horoscope
Do you know which spices are best suited for your zodiac sign? Find out in our special horoscope.


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