Homemade syrups against inluenza and the cold, and so much more…

When treating the flu or the cold, nothing beats using quality home-made syrups to support the healing process. Our grandmothers have long done so, and it is certainly no accident! Not only is the sweet syrup aromatic and tasty, but the remedial herbs it contains can also help clear your nose and soothe an aching throat.

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My Herbs 18 – Contents

– Three Homemade Syrups Against Influenza and the Cold
– Influenza A Season Fright
– How to Treat a Fever
– Aronia: A Discreet Healer
– Country Borage Against the Cold
– The Known Unknown: Job’s Tears
– Natural Means of Improving Concentration
– Mindfulness
– The Three Essential Herbs of Ancient Egyptian Doctors
– How did the Ancient Egyptians Treat Diseases?

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