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Dear My Herbs readers,
As the days become shorter, and the cool weather returns, a sense of melancholy often creeps up on us. This could simply be our bodies falling into rhythm with nature’s cycle of life, or, subconsciously, we might be mourning the ending of the season of new life and growth. Whatever the cause may be, the sensation begs for us to reflect on the root cause.

Deep in the soil, we’ll find answers to other concerns. Roots and rhizomes hold the key to many health conditions throughout the year, but particularly during fall (page 28), making it the ideal time of year to dig below the surface. These roots play an unassuming, yet pivotal role in meals that honor nature’s bounty. Alongside bruschetta with onion marmalade, or roasted eggplant spread with warm pita bread, they’re the makings of a perfect fall feast (page 68). Throw some foraged mushrooms into the main course for extra healing powers (page 38). Though some plants and animals may go into hibernation mode, fall doesn’t necessarily equate to the death of the natural world; if we dig a little deeper, we discover nature still thriving in unexpected places. By integrating the herbal bounty we find, we can ensure we remain healthy, happy, and whole in body, mind, and spirit as winter approaches.

Warmest wishes during this autumn season,

Kelsey Quinn & the whole My Herbs family.

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