My Herbs magazine 11

Dear My Herbs readers,
I like rose, bergamot orange and grapefruit the best. When mixed with a bit of pine, it makes for a truly perfect aroma. You can use it to scent your home, or as a relaxing bath ingredient. That’s all up to you. In our article “Do It Yourself: Natural Air Fresheners”, we’re bringing you several inspiring tutorials that will help you make your home smell amazing in the new year.

After the Christmas feasts are over, you might also appreciate tips on herbs which aid with weight loss. You will find them in the article “Losing Weight Healthily with the Aid of Herbs”. And for those who don’t feel like slimming down, we have prepared some delicious “Warming Recipes” for both sweet and non-sweet goodies that will brighten your first months of 2019.

We also know about other things that will brighten your start of the year – herbs! This issue’s featured herb is garden cress, a tiny plant packed with vitamins and minerals, which can be easily grown at home and is a tasty, immunity-boosting cooking ingredient. Don’t forget to check out our DIY cosmetics photo-tutorial, showing you how to make a natural coconut lip peel, as well.

On behalf of the My Herbs editorial team, I wish you a great start to the year 2019, lots of success and, mainly, health.
Kelsey Quinn

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