How to Prepare for Your Baby’s Birth

A woman’s body experiences a number of changes during pregnancy in order to nurture and accommodate the developing fetus.

Pregnancy or gestation involves physical, psychological, social and spiritual alterations, as well as endocrine and metabolic adaptations.

These changes begin after conception and affect every organ system in the body. Pregnancy is simply a period that imposes an increased burden for the expectant mother’s body that it must adapt to.

“A healthy pregnancy actually begins at the latest a year before the moment of conception. In the preparation period, women focus on gathering information, gaining skills and boosting their motivation to make changes to different areas of their lives,” explains Radka Wilhelmová, Ph.D., Assistant Professor at the Department of Midwifery of the Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic.

The pregnancy may bring to light dispositions from family members and areas of personal health history, as well as consequences of an inappropriate lifestyle.


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