Herbs Against Flatulence and Constipation

We have all experienced it countless times: we let our appetite run wild for a bit, we eat more than our bodies need and then we’re stuck with digestive problems.

What can we do about it?

If this happens a little too often, we should keep in mind two basic rules to uphold before every meal. The first rule is don’t forget to drink – have a glass of water an hour or half an hour before your meal.

That will help you keep your appetite in check and your stomach full enough so that it won’t have any space left for a potential dessert. The second rule is don’t rush – eat slowly so that you allow enough time for your digestive system to process everything you eat. Savor your meals.

If, however, it’s already too late, and you’re worried that your belly might explode any second, try going for a walk.

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