Herbal Sachet Massages

shutterstock_140690485Try this recent massage trend – herbal sachet massages. Few people know about them, but those who have experienced a herbal sachet massage once, undoubtedly want another. Our reader Iveta had the opportunity to try this special type of massage, and will share her  experience with us.

This specific hot massage with herbal sachets works as a powerful cleansing therapy. Not only the heat, but also the active compounds released through moist heat and absorbed by the skin have beneficial and cleansing effects – each one of the twelve herbs has its specific function.

Let’s Start
Alkaline-mineral massage is a very intense form of treatment. Before the massage with the herbal sachets starts, there is a refreshing peel with alkaline salt and gemstones to rid skin of dead cells and, at the same time, to provide beneficial alkaline treatment. The peel is applied with ginger oil, which warms the skin and prepares it for the detoxification process. The  warm herbs, oil and salt enter the body through the skin’s pores, and the sachets (first hot, then warm) present one of the most intense forms of toxin removal, skin care and regeneration. They stimulate the metabolism, promote blood circulation and help the person being massaged to harmonise body and soul.

The Secret of Sachets
What is the secret of this luxurious massage? Softly ground stones represent a true expression of nature—their beautiful natural shapes and colors last longer than living plants, this durability is also the biggest difference between the power of plants and gemstones. Alkaline salt contains agate, cornelian, false topaz, chrysoprase, chalcedony, sapphire, rock crystal, and onyx.
Each  of the herbs used in herbal sachets has a specific purpose and, thanks to their mutual combinations, the beneficial effects are numerous. Among the most frequently used ones are birch (blood cleansing), beans, silverweed (helps with muscle spasms), borage (improves excretion), comfrey (heals wounds and stimulates formation of new cells), coltsfoot (has anti-inflammatory and cleansing effects), raspberry (stimulates sweating and detox) and chervil (eases sinusitis).

The Effects of the Massage
Special peels and herbal sachets activate blood circulation and metabolism, while acids and toxins are released from the skin thanks to the warm alkaline herbal extracts. As a result, the body gets rid of residual substances which in turn supports the circulatory, urinary and lymphatic systems, boosts regeneration, induces relaxation and helps combat stress. Alkaline massages help release certain acids such as uric acid (the body accumulates from excessive intake of animal proteins), nitric acid (some cheeses and marinated meats contain it), oxalic acid (found it in rhubarb, spinach, and cocoa), acetic acid (results from consuming too many sweets), tannic acid (in coffee and black tea), acetylsalicylic acid (found in analgesics) and lactic acid (which builds up after physical exertion).

What kind of harm can these acids cause? The human body tries to neutralise acids with minerals, which leads to the formation of sediments known as cellulite. If the acids aren’t released quickly, they eventually begin to damage the structure of tissues, bones and cartilage. They contaminate the body, and slow and impair excretion.
Let’s Go for a Massage
If wanting to try out herbal sachets, keep in mind that a 90 minute treatment can cost $50-60. The best time for this type of massage is usually spring and autumn when the body needs detoxification. One treatment may be satisfying, but in order to achieve the best possible results, try having two sessions in one month.

Try It on Your Own
We looked at your letters and chose one from our reader named Iveta. We asked her to have a herbal sachet massage and let us know if it is really worth it. She was delighted! Although she has massages quite often (classic and sport massages), this was her first special, “luxurious” massage treatment. “To be honest, I did not really know what to expect. I did some basic reading, yet I could hardly imagine what it would be like,” Iveta told us. “A lady called Lada looked after me for the whole hour-long treatment and she was very nice. First she explained and showed everything to me. Then I got undressed and lay down on the massage table – first on my back. Lada applied a peel to my neckline, arms and legs, and before long I smelled a lovely ginger fragrance. Finally, she started to put warm little bags filled with steamed herbs on me. It was very pleasant,” she recollected. “The same happened when I turned on my belly – she applied a peel to my legs, arms and back followed by the warm sachets,” Iveta explained.
And how did she feel after the massage? “Like a new person. I felt wonderful.
I was also advised not to take a shower or bath during the next 24 hours because of the lasting effects of the peel. I have to admit, I really felt  better, so I decided to cleanse my body even further – to eat more alkaline food and watch my diet. And when my cleansing therapy is over, I am going to see lady Lada again. I recommend you to do the same, it is truly an amazing experience.”

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