Herbal Body Cleansing

The spring months are beckoning us to carry out complex cleansing of our bodies to refresh our souls. Try it differently this year – using what nature gives you. Trust the herbs and let them to do their job.

Herbal body cleansing is the most effective treatment you could possibly try. However,
do not expect to see miracles in one week. Ideally, cleansing treatments should last for only 40 days. After that you can start to reap the rewards and  can congratulate yourself on completion of your cleanse!

Why Choose Spring?

My Herbs Summer IssueBody cleansing should be practised twice a year—in autumn and spring. An essential component of such therapy is the use of herbs, particularly those supporting increased liver and kidney (the most important cleansing organs) functions. Then there are herbs containing saponins (known for their cleansing effects), which remove impurities from inner tissues such as subcutaneous and muscle tissues.

How to Start

First buy a few good lemons and drink one glass of warm mineral or ordinary water with freshly-squeezed lemon juice every morning. Instead of lemon you can occasionally use a spoonful of apple cider vinegar, which increases the body’s metabolism. If you are going to take the cleansing therapy really seriously, you should try to give up coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, fatty and sugary foods and sugar-saturated drinks (sodas). If you think that you cannot live without coffee, try to replace it during the cleansing with something else like cereal ersatz coffee or spelt coffee. Or try an energizing tea like green tea, yerba mate or certain ayurvedic teas.

Something to Drink

shutterstock_56460847Liquids play a key role in the cleansing process, and by that we don’t just mean drinking gallons of herbal teas. It’s best to drink a lot of pure water. Diluted fruit or vegetable juices can work wonders as well.

Cleansing Your Body by Diet

It is of course advisable to adjust your eating habits. Try to consume more fresh fruits and vegetables. Meals should be light and easy to digest. Fasting once a week is a very good idea too because when your body does not have to process food it is able to focus on other important activities. Fasting also supports the release of growth hormones, thus stimulating the entire immune system and the body’s ability to regenerate.

Most Suitable Herbs

Nettle (Urtica dioica) – is probably the most famous herb for spring cleansing. However, we are not talking about the nettle available in herb shops, but the fresh, young nettle you find in nature. This nettle grows in grasslands, pastures and around gardens. Basically everywhere, and it is valued for its powerful cleansing effects. High in vitamin C, nettle stimulates blood circulation, production of red blood cells, lowers glucose levels and has a positive impact on the quality of your hair as well. In addition, it increases appetite, stimulates and increases elimination of digestive juices and restores bowel peristalsis. It relieves constipation and generally helps with liver problems. It also cleanses the liver and blood, treats the gall bladder and helps diabetic patients.


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