Healing Without Antibiotics

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Healing Without Antibiotics

There’s no universal guide on how to heal the human body – mainly because each of us has a different metabolism. Why is it so? There are three reasons:

1. Heredity
One could call it “repeating the mistakes of our ancestors” on the cellular level, which perfectly corresponds with the individual’s soul. But let’s not dive deeper into this, since we don’t know much about this. What we do know though, is that matter is heredity too, including not the similarity of shapes, but also hand gestures, talents and flaws. Parents are certainly aware of these similarities with their children, and it is the result what we call genes. This information, the so-called hereditary diseases or predispositions to get them, runs in the parents’ blood cells. One thus, has no other choice than to build upon their cellular and informational basis which they inherited from the parents. This, again, corresponds to family karma.
Natural Antibiotics2. Other people
Even other people influence the passing of matter through thinking and mental attitudes of the individual. This can be done unconsciously throughout life.

3. Date of birth
Willpower and susceptibility to traps or manipulations can also be partly predicted from the date of birth. The so-called karma of an individual also corresponds with this.

Antibiotics, especially if we’re talking about the natural ones, can cure many health problems, whether they’re short-lasting or long-lasting. Herbs can cure body inflammations which might at first look like more common illnesses like tonsillitis, flu, or bladder inflammations, no matter the time of the year. All these cases are inflammatory illnesses which constrict the kidneys. Their functioning is weakened even though the illnes does not effect the kidneys directly.

Can be cured by strong decoctions from mint, mallow, linden tree, wild strawberry, plantain, mullein, coltsfoot and fennel. It’s based on an interaction between two paired organs – the kidneys and lungs. It is therefore necessary to give attention to both.

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