Healing Without Antibiotics

Antibiotics are certainly one of the most significant discoveries of the modern age. The conventional ones tend to be used a bit too often, though, so doctors usually raise a warning finger before prescribing them. Fortunately, nature offers a plethora of healing agents which can be equally helpful.

My Herbs Recipe: How to Use Honey on Wounds

After cleaning the wound, put honey on one side of gauze or a clean cloth, and lay it onto the wound. Or pour a thin film of honey directly onto the wound and put the gauze over that. Either way, seal the honey in with surgical or duct tape on the edges of the bandage. Clean and repeat twice a day. If supplies are scarce and the dressing stays clean, you could cut that back to once a day or even a bit longer.
Important caution: Never try to treat a bad wound by yourself when you can get medical help. For one thing, even with honey, it could turn into a very serious limb-or life-threatening infection

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There’s no universal “manual” for healing the human body – mainly because each of us has a different metabolism. Why is it so? There are three reasons:

  1. Heredity

One could call it “repeating the mistakes of our ancestors” on the cellular basis, which perfectly corresponds with the individual’s soul. But let’s not dive deeper into this, since we don’t much about this problematic. What we do know, though, is that matter is hereditary too – not only the similarity of shapes, but also hand gestures, talents and flaws. Parents certainly know this about their children, and it’s the result of what we call genes. This information runs in the parents’ blood cells – the so-called hereditary diseases or predispositions for getting them. One thus has no other choice than to build upon the cellular and informational basis which they inherited from the parents. This, again, corresponds with family karma.

  1. Date of birth

The most important factor for anticipating any health complications is the constellation of the planets. Date of birth can tell you if an injury or sickness will befall the person in a given time span. This can, however, be influenced by sheer power of will or later by strict obedience during treatment. Willpower and susceptibility to traps or manipulations can also be partly predicted from the date of birth. The so-called karma of an individual also corresponds with this.

  1. Other people

Even other people influence the passing of matter through thinking and mental attitudes of the individual. They form it unconsciously throughout life.

Natural treatment

shutterstock_241855408Antibiotics, especially if we’re talking about the natural ones, can cure many health problems, be they short-lasting or long-lasting. Herbs can cure inflammations in the body which might at first look like more common illnesses like tonsillitis, flu, or bladder inflammations, no matter the time of year. All these cases are inflammatory illnesses which constrict the kidneys. The kidney functioning is weakened, even though the illness doesn’t affect them directly.


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