Gardening With The Sun and Moon in Mind

Gardening With The Sun and Moon in Mind

Herb gardening is very popular, and perhaps you already have such a garden, but have you ever contemplated the intersection of astrology and herbalism?

Have you considered gardening with the sun and moon in mind? Ancient herbalists, like Nicholas Culpeper, had a system whereby they assigned herbs to specific astrological rulers according to various characteristics.

The sun and moon were considered to have many plants with medicinal and culinary uses under their dominion. So let’s take a look at some of the herbs of the sun and moon, and see how they could be used in designing a unique herb garden in sync with the solar system.


The sun is the source of light for all the planets in this solar system and is the giver of life in so many ways, because green plants depend on it.

Its rays can be depicted as radiating out around a central orb, and so a plant like the sunflower (Helianthus annuus), with its circle of golden-yellow petals, fits perfectly as an example of an herb ruled by the heavenly body it is named after. It is easy to see why an ancient herbalist would have placed it in the herbs of the sun.

The sunflower is a culinary herb because its seeds are often eaten as a snack food and its oil is used in cooking.

The sunflower is a spectacular plant that can grow very tall. Today, sunflowers come in a number of different varieties.


Text: Steve Andrews

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