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MH-0116-MAKETA-400We hope you enjoy our introductory issue and thank you for your readership. Wishing you all the best, Kelsey Quinn and the rest of the My Herbs editorial staff.

My Herbs is published quarterly and is available on shelves in 23 different countries.

My Herbs Issue 01 – Contents

8 Herbal Ecogarden
A well-organised herbal garden is the dream of every gardener and herbalist. Choose the types of herbs you like best, and arrange the garden for maximum effect and co-existence. In addition, learn which herbs to choose according to their qualities.

15 Grapevines
My Herbs 01 - ContentsFit into your swimsuit and cleanse your body! Grapevines — from leaf to fruit — are a perfect means for detoxifying the body. Both have beneficial effects on our figure.

20 The Thyroid
We are often affected by decreased or increased functioning of this gland, connected with autoimmunity inflammations. We discuss these two problems in a two-part article, advising you how to use natural remedies to return to the status of full health. Part one on diminished thyroid gland function is found here.

28 Artichokes
This tidbit of kings also has healing properties.

32 Herbal Advice
My Herbs advice on raw food.

34 Summer Aromatherapy
Essential oils can help with swelling, sunburn, bee stings and diarrhea. These recipes specifically for summer will certainly be a great help.

38 Cannabis – Universal Medicine
The first part of our new series about the most controversial herb of our time.

42 Yarrow
A herb for fever, digestive problems and women’s health issues.

44 My Herbs Calendar
July is a month connected particularly with blood circulation. Learn how to improve your blood circulation and which herbs are suitable for strengthening circulation.

46 Deng Shen
Deng shen is a herb worthy of note. One does not hear so much about it, and that’s a shame, for herbalists call it the “poor man’s ginseng.” It’s an easily available herb which has strong, invigorating effects on the body. It fights fatigue, increases the libido and the resulting effects help with high blood pressure, and can bring the body back into shape after surgery.

50 Oats
Oats are high in roughage, do not underestimate this grain.

54 Vitamins A–Z
We start with vitamin A.

56 Proteins
How do they work in our body and how many do we really need? What are the best sources of protein for us?

60 The Darker Side of Sunblock
We wear it to protect ourselves. But could what we use to protect ourselves actually contain chemicals that cause us harm?

62 Raw Food Recipes
In this issue we invite you to a raw-foods feast.

70 Botanical Chemistry
The most commonly found substances in frequently used garden and natural products. Learn which phytochemicals are found in tomatoes, grapes, green tea, walnuts, and other fruits and vegetables, and how to make the most of them.

72 Wild Plants
Edible fruits, served up by nature.

76 For Women
Alternative treatments for incontinence.

78 For Men
Take care of your large intestine.

80 DIY Sunblock Recipe
To avoid some of the unpronounceable chemicals found in commercial sun blocks, try this do-it-yourself alternative!

82 Diabetes
One can defend oneself against it, and even fight it. We also add a list of natural sugars.

84 Natural Repellents
Not only against mosquitoes, but also against aphids and moths.

88 Summer Heat Waves
Overcome overheating.

90 Tea
We reveal its secrets.

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