Fighting Cancer with Cannabis Oil. A Personal Confession.

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Dear My Herbs readers, please feel free to use this forum to submit your experiences or suggestions in response to the post below, which we will be pleased to forward to our dear friends Jan and Russ from Australia to help them prevail in their fight over cancer. We firmly believe that their choice to beat cancer naturally proves to be successful and that their decision to share their story with you might not only bring more optimism and hope for Russ but also show alternative directions to others who have been experiencing the strenuous journey fighting the beast of cancer which as we already know is not almighty and undefeatable.

Please feel free to share your experiences and write your comments under ‘Leave a Reply’ below.

We are convinced that through exchanging and sharing ideas and views on using herbal medicines we can make our readers feel they do not have to go through anything alone.

We truly appreciate your time and effort and wish Russ resilience, patience and optimism to finish the battle with a full recovery.
Many thanks, Ales Vodicka, Publisher of My Herbs on behalf of the My Herbs team..

Hi My Herbs readers.

We would like to share a wild ride that we are currently experiencing with cancer and cannabis oil. It’s taking us into some uncharted territory so we hope this post might provide some alternative ideas to others on the same journey and/or create an opportunity to hear from anyone who has gone this way before us.

It has been a roller coaster ride but three weeks into full dose, high grade cannabis oil, we are starting to recognize changes in the swelling and size of the tumor. Pain seems reduced.

Today, thirty years after surgery to remove a growth from the parotid gland and subsequent massive irradiation, my husband’s periodic checks on the permanent, annoying and sometimes painful side effects of the radiation returned a positive diagnosis of Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the tongue. Follow up appointments, scans and tests moved very quickly and almost before we knew it, surgery was scheduled to remove over half the tongue.

To properly access and work at the back of the tongue, surgeons proposed cutting through the middle lower lip, chin and jawbone to “open up the face like a book”. An additional lower incision (almost ear to ear) would remove lymph nodes, tracheotomy to enable breathing, PEG tube inserted to stomach to enable feeding, removing flesh from the leg to rebuild the tongue, catheter to monitor drainage. We don’t need to be any more graphic to appreciate the post-operative challenges and all of this came with only 50/50 odds of successfully eliminating the cancer. Eating, talking, even unassisted breathing might not have been possible again.

Surgery was offered as the only “curative” option and having spent the last 30 years knowing he would never have radiation again, our options were running low. It was clear that the usual medical protocols were not going to be our choice or part of our journey.

Cannabis oil and supply is still illegal in most states of Australia so it is extremely difficult to find but it seemed once the decision was made to find another way, it presented itself to us.

Russ cancer hopeWe are now five weeks into a course of high grade THC cannabis oil (the first two weeks being a very slow build to full dose) and also overlay that with CBD oil which we believe provides the synchronistic component.

We have integrated the cannabis oil with numerous natural supplements supported by a naturopath who studied medicine for four years and specialises in oncology (but legally unable to supply or advise on the cannabis).

It has been a roller coaster ride but three weeks into full dose, high grade cannabis oil, we are starting to recognize changes in the swelling and size of the tumor. Pain seems reduced.

The lack of research and ‘evidence based’ information available for this amazing medicine means that we have to adopt trial and error strategy while facing the biggest fight of our life. There are many questions around exact dosage and layering with other alternative options. There are the unexpected setbacks that can derail one’s resolve, hurdles and obstacles to overcome presented by those so ‘invested’ in their own beliefs.

We believe cannabis oil has the potential to cure cancers and our journey will be determined by our ability to identify the body’s responses to it’s unique needs.

Forums such as these can hopefully provide an opportunity to share this journey and make some part of it easier to travel knowing someone else has navigated this stretch before you or with you.

We are looking forward to a future post that completes this journey with confirmation that the ancient herb of cannabis cured our cancer. Jan & Russ

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