Edible Blooms that Grow Straight from the Trunk

The Judas tree is truly fascinating. The whole plant is literally covered by pink blooms, which even grow from the main branches and the trunk.

Not only are the bloom bundles pretty, but are also edible, and of a pea-like flavor.

The cercis genus contains up to 11 types of plants. In Europe, we can find the Cercis siliquastrum, also known as the Judas tree. It owes its name to the fable that it was the tree from which Judas hanged himself after betraying Jesus. In its shame, the tree grew red in color.

The tree is especially attractive thanks to its blooms, which are bundled together and are white, pink or red in color. As has been mentioned before, the blooms grow from the trunk as well: the cercis is a caulifloral plant.


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