Delicious Elderberry Honey

• 40 elderberry blooms in tufts
• 2 well-washed lemons
• 1 l / 1 qt drinking water
• 1 kg / 2 lbs sugar
• several dog-rose petals (optional)

Remove green stalks and dirt from the blooms, but do not wash them. Tear the cleansed petals apart into small pieces and pour water over them and add lemon slices. Cook for 10-15 minutes, then let the infusion cool off.

Decant the infusion over a cloth or plastic sieve. Add sugar into the fresh leach and cook it over mild heat for about one and a half hours. Mix frequently until the honey thickens. Bottle the finished honey into small jars and let them cool off turned upside down.

Another herb with pretty petals not only for dish decoration is viola tricolor (Viola tricolor). This perennial herb decorates almost every wet meadow. Viola is valued for its high saponin content, which has strong cleansing effects, and materials that support the body’s material exchange.


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