Dandelion Sorbet

• 200 g / 7 oz dandelion blooms without greens
• 1 l / 67 fl oz
• 50g / 1.7 oz sugar
• 100ml / 3.4 orange juice
• 100ml / 3.4 fl oz orange juice

Make sure the dandelions were collected in clean places – they are not to be washed at home. Take a good look at them – even bugs like yellow dandelions. We will need only the yellow parts of the blooms for the sorbet. It is up to us whether we take them apart right at the meadow, or later at home. Boil the blooms in the water for about an hour. Leave the infusion with the blooms inside in the cold overnight.

Then decant and squeeze out through a horsehair sieve. Warm the infusion up and dissolve the sugar in it, then add the lemon and orange juices. Should we lack the tools for the making of ice cream, freeze the mix according to your capabilities. Prefabricated ice cream forms will do, and we can even add a decorative bloom inside them, for example from a fruit tree. But we can also use forms for ice cubes, which should be first blended with a hand blender.

The ratio between blooms, sugar and juices depends on your tastes. The languidly mellifluous, mild flavor of dandelions should however dominate. Make sure to check if your blender is strong enough to blend ice.

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