Cranberry Ice Cream Bars

Ingredients for four 1.5 fl oz. /50 ml. ice cream bars:
• 3.5 fl oz. / 100ml. whipping cream
• 3.5 fl oz. / 100 ml. full cream milk
• one level spoonful of sugar or the equivalent amount of a different sweetener
• 1 oz. / 30 g. dried Canadian cranberries (ideally organic) that were soaked for at least an hour

Mix the milk with a spoonful of sugar over mild heat until the sugar has dissolved completely. Set aside, pour the milk into the cream and mix properly. Try the taste of it and add sweetener if necessary. The resultant flavor should be a bit sweeter than a regular dessert as the frozen product makes taste buds less responsive to sweetness. Since sugar has a harder time dissolving, the final touch is best done with liquid sweetener or icing sugar.

Divide the mixture among your prepared ice cream forms. Fill them until they’re three – quarters full. Pour away the cranberry water and, if sulphurated fruits were used, make sure they are washed properly. Then separate the cranberries into their forms. If you do not have forms with plastic holders (or smaller yoghurt or pudding cups), then you can put the filled forms into the freezer for about half an hour, after which you may put a stick (or spoon) into them. Freeze for 4 to 6 hours.

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