Can We Grow Wild Herbs in the Garden?

You can grow remedial plants either in your own garden, or you can go pick them out in open nature. There is something to be said for both options. While in the garden you know perfectly well how you took care of the plants, in nature you need to depend on your intuition. On a similar note, you need to be capable of differentiating between plants that look alike, some of which could actually be a health hazard.

When it comes to wild-growing plants one can never surely tell quality without chemical analysis. It is important to always keep your eyes open while picking medicinal herbs, and to diligently scan the environment in which you are picking them. While you can identify contamination in some cases right away, some old hazards may have been hidden in the soil for years, rendering them undetectable to the naked eye.

In order for herbs to be universally good for your health, it is necessary for them to grow in an environment as clean as possible. Some handy-plant lovers only trust growing them in their own garden, while others deem wild-growing plants as those of higher quality. However, both approaches tend to merge in practice.

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