My Herbs on Display in Hadley, MA, Last Week

We are proud that My Herbs magazine recently hit the shelves of stores such as Whole Foods Market and Barnes & Noble in the United States and Canada. However, sometimes you need to search for it, like we did last week in Hadley, Massachusetts, USA.

As an independent publisher I am fully aware that this is a challenge and we won’t give up despite some retailers not properly displaying My Herbs. We are so pleased that the first issue is out, and we are already increasing our  subscriber base, which fills us with pride. We will continue to do our utmost to make our readers happy.

I would like to express my big thanks to you, dear subscribers and readers, and assure you that we have been working hard and enthusiastically on the next issue to make the contents as interesting and useful as possible.

Ales, Publisher

Barnes & Noble
Barnes & Noble, Healthy Living section
Whole Foods Market
Whole Foods Market
Whole Foods Market1
Whole Foods Market at a cashier

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