My Herbs Advice Column

My Herbs Advice Column

At our editorial department, we receive more and more questions that we successively hand over to our collaborating experts for advice. Some of the most popular questions and answers are subsequently published in regular column. We invite you to contact us too (via our website, and together with our colleagues, we can help. 

BUTTON-SUSI have a young son who suffers from eczema all over his body. We have been struggling with it from his early age, and so far, all methods have failed. What can we do?

In every case it is always necessary to look at the circumstances, which today’s traditional medicine often overlooks. IMH-04-MAKETA-3f it is a rash, for example, between the fingers and palms, it could signify a cause of unrest in the family. Your son is trying to make it right with the eczema, while simultaneously feeling blame. He needs love and balance. With young children, it is necessary to solve the problems of parents first. Removing the rash is possible using regression therapy. Regarding herbal remedies, reach for sunflower oil and lubricate regularly.

Lately I have suffered from excessively swollen ankles. Otherwise I am healthy. Can you advise me what to do?

There is a clear cause of instability and uncertainty, both emotional and relational, which can go on to kidney or cardiac insufficiency. I would definitely recommend cleansing the kidneys. Regarding the ankles, by all means apply curd with a canvas bag and tie it with a towel. Take drops of a tincture made of nasturtium and milk thistle two or three times a day. shutterstock_158944517Try to forgive any unresolved issues and your head will then clear based on relations with your closest ones.

I am very troubled by hemorrhoids. I have tried virtually everything – from conventional ointments to various alternatives, yet all without success.

You will certainly know about sedentary baths in oak bark, which is the basic treatment. Where diet is concerned, you should skip spicy foods. Most of all, do not eat red pepper – neither whole, nor in spice form. From the perspective of psychosomatics, you are dwelling on some problems from within. Everything which ails you should, by some means, be released or flushed out.

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