10 Herbs to Warm You Up

Depending on where you live, the coming of fall may or may not mean the return of cold weather – bringing with it cold-related illnesses. Fortunately, nature has blessed us with many different herbs capable of warming us up from the inside.

The colder part of the year tends to have its downsides – we’re constantly cold, we put on weight, and our out- look can be gloomier than usual. Why is that? One could say it’s because the days are short, the nights are long, and sunlight is scarce. For some, the real reason is that they lose motivation to exercise during the winter months and resort to eating copious amounts of food to stay warm. However, there’s a better, rather simple solution for this seasonal change in diet.

Every food we eat cools us, keeps us neutral, or warms us up, and it’s precisely in this time of year when we should focus on eating more of the warming foods.

These particular foods stimulate our metabolism to burn stored fat more efficiently, and thus, warm us up from the inside. Certain kinds of vegetables can do that quite well, for example cabbage, gourd, pumpkin, brussels sprouts, onion, garlic, leek and celery.

Try to incorporate them into your diet by adding them toeach meal you eat (ideally in a ratio of ¼ vegetables, ¼ saccharides, ¼ pro- teins, and ¼ fats and other nutrients). Rather than eating them fresh, cook them, or make a thick broth with them to warm the body quickly. You can add some spices which also speed up the metabolism and heat the body up – for example curry, basil, ginger, pepper.


Fruits and vegetables: cherries, grapes, apricots, strawberries, egg- plant, cabbage, onion, garlic, leek, carrot

Dairy products: goat cheese, goat milk

Nuts: walnuts

Other: seaweed, sea salt, mineral water, cocoa, coconut milk Meat: chicken, lamb, goat meat, pheasant meat

Fish: salmon, mussels, lobster, eel, tuna fish, trout, sardines

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