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My Herbs 12 – Spring Issue Contents:

Just as the natural world is awakening, so too can we attune ourselves, and revel in the many benefits it bestows.

In this issue, we offer practical, hands-on projects and recipes that allow you to harvest the healing benefits of herbs so abundant in spring. We take you step-by-step through the process of growing herbs in your garden and highlight the necessary precautions to take when picking herbs in the wild (page 32). With only a few ingredients and just 2 steps of preparation, your skin can be reaping the benefits of your homegrown herbs.

Try a calming camomile herbal tonic (page 42). Or if the fragrant flowers of spring beckon to you, try integrating them into your own signature scent with an herbal perfume (page 40). The My Herbs kitchen has quick and tasty recipes for all your springtime brunches. Think banana pancakes with dandelion honey, nettle spinach with potatoes and quail eggs, and asparagus quiche with pancetta (page 44). Yum!

Whether through healthy meals, or healing tonics, spring is the perfect time to begin to integrate the many benefits herbs provide into your life. We hope this issue offers you simple and useful ways of doing so!

Wishing you all the best this spring,
Kelsey Quinn and the whole My Herbs family.

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